I Help Make Below Average Pop Punk

Hey I'm Adam and I play drums in the semi-cool pop punk band Almost, Maine. Senior. Colorado. Check out/purchase the music we make here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/beginners-luck-ep/id739949411

Vent to me whenever. Please reach out if you need to. I would be beyond delighted to help.


shout-out to that tumblr user that you can’t believe follows you

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This is honestly one of my favorite Spongebob moments. Can we take a minute to realize how clever the writing for this show used to be? 

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Anonymous asked: If you had to paint your toenails what color would you paint them?


Black because I listen to fall out boy

Anonymous asked: If you had the opportunity to have a million dollars, but you could only spend one dollar a day, would you take it?


Probably not

Anonymous asked: What is your favorite form of punctuation?


I don’t know what my favorite is but I can tell you my least favorite are exclamation points. They just make me uncomfortable but only when I’m using them for whatever reason but I use them so I don’t sound so blunt all the time!!!!!!

Anonymous asked: Who is your favorite American president before 1936?


I don’t think I have one? John Adams has a cool last name tho

Anonymous asked: Pop pop popcorn



Anonymous asked: I stalk ur blog


I stalk yours



Oregon-based photographer Matt Payne creates stunning landscape and nightscape photography. Payne uses long exposures and composites to illuminate the dark night skies and to capture the motion of the stars in visually stunning compositions. 

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