I Help Make Below Average Pop Punk

Hey I'm Adam and I play drums in the semi-cool pop punk band Almost, Maine. Senior. Colorado. Check out/purchase the music we make here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/beginners-luck-ep/id739949411

Vent to me whenever.

friend:what is it about girls that makes you like them?
me:well for one, everything


Forgot to post this last month. All Time Low played after a fashion show at Comic Con. Alex decided to test out the runway with his best fashion walk!

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Saw transparent-misfit at the store what a nerd

Am not, you’re the nerd you nerd

yall opinions r way too strong lol relax yaself n spin around in a rollie chair every once n a while

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"you complain but you’re all going to buy it anyways"

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me:where do you live?
vegan:I'm a vegan




What do you call a dead text post?

any of yours

A text ghos-

Excuse me?

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